Sky Harbor Valet Parking – PHX Valet

Save Time & Enjoy First-Class Airport Valet Services

When it comes to air travel, every minute counts. Save time and enjoy first-class service with PHX Valet – the premier service provider for Valet Parking at Sky Harbor Airport.

Long lines. Full parking lots. Shuttle buses. Gate changes. Airport parking is not always convenient. You can lose hours in the process – and you may even miss your flight. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

PHX Valet powered by FreedomPark provides a fast, friendly no-wait valet parking experience, saving you time and ensuring your vehicle is safe. Simply drive to the Terminal 4 parking garage and follow the signs to valet parking. Our valets will be waiting to assist you and get you to your flight in a matter of minutes.

No more waiting on a shuttle, searching for a spot or riding in someone else’s car. And, no more worries about flight delays or gate changes – our system will automatically notify you and your valet of any changes ahead of time, via text.

Want to save even more time? Schedule a reservation online or call ahead at 602-883-4999 and we’ll schedule a time for your personally assigned valet to meet you at the airport.

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